This amazing bubble of existence My being, my soul, my conscious mind Surrounded by oblivion That awful void There Threatening to engulf me As I gaze at my pictures The fruit in the bowl The books on the shelf Acutely aware of my surroundings Every nuance of my life My breath My thoughts Knowing that…


What did Van Gogh see when he looked around him? With his manic mind and his fierce green eyes. The gnarled trees and golden wheat fields, And the sun blazing in bright blue skies.


Out for a good night A drink in the club Then a takeaway For my wife and I But I’m mocked by youths Outside on the pavement Loitering there A menacing group Bragging and smug Egging each other To commit a violent act I’m suddenly chilled Knowing for sure That I’ll not make it Back…

The Ravenous Red Kite

Red kite flying high Soaring up on thermal waves Slow circle drift and climb With wings outstretched It breaks the flow Then swoops and turns In majestic flight A horizontal glide On an even keel Predatory eyes scanning Hedgerows and fields It swoops with pointed talons And hooked beak open Whoosh! Swiftly gone Is the living…

The Old Jetty

Playing on the crumbling jetty, A scaffold of rough-hewn timbres, reaching out from the embankment path to the dirty river’s edge.


Infinity … that terrifying concept of never-ending space, never-ending time

The Beauty That I Once Supposed

  I laid me down upon the grass The thorns and thistles growing wild With weeds beneath and all around And in my heart now so beguiled   For once I walked where flowers grew In fragrant fields of pure delight Hand in hand she took me there And pledged to stay as day turned…