The witness

Lord I swear I ain’t never seen nothing like I saw this afternoon. I’ve lived in this neighbourhood for thirty years and nothing like it has ever happened before. I am now a prime witness in a child abuse scandal that quite frankly has taken me by surprise, which is surprising in itself considering the…

Geekiness and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

I have to admit that I am a bit of a geek where technology is concerned.  From my Samsung Q90 QLED ultra high-performance television, my iPad Pro 11, Nest thermostat, Google Home Hub, through to my Samsung Galaxy S-10 plus telephone, I’ve got them all.  My friends jibe me about my geekiness but I don’t…


So who was the real Mr Evans? He presented himself as a charming, well dressed, well spoken individual, always available to help and advise. Beneath this façade of respectability there lurked a depraved monster driven by compulsions he could not control.


Me and Tom goad each other into going first. It doesn’t feel right. We are shy. The man tries to persuade us, says he’ll get his cock out too. My heart is beating fast. I have a sense of fear and fascination. But the sense of fear is stronger and so I make some excuse about needing to be home. I quickly leave the cabin and climb down the ladder. Tom follows. The old man stays in the cabin. He doesn’t pursue us. We hurry out of the boatyard.