It’s Good to Have a Laugh

It was midday and Mickey sat at the table staring down into his cup of tea. Without looking up he said to his wife, “Can I suck your tits?”

“No,” she replied.

“Are you sure?”

“Definitely sure.”

Why don’t you squeeze your tit so the nipple juts out, then teasingly walk towards me, all slow and with fluid movements of your hips, and with a sense of urgency in your voice say, “I’m desperate. Please suck my tit.”

His wife chuckled.

Still looking down into his cup, Mickey chuckled too.

“It’s pointless asking isn’t it?”


“Still, we can have a laugh can’t we.”

She continued to chuckle.

“It’s good that we can have a little laugh, even though I really do fancy sucking your tits.”

Neither of them looked at each other.

She carried on chuckling and Mickey did too.



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