Most of my pictures are painted from photographs. I use acrylics and oils. In the winter I mix liquin medium with the oils to speed up the drying time. I find it’s best to work in acrylics when it’s cold. Portraits are what I enjoy painting the most.


This category contains copies of paintings that have been produced by famous artists such as Van Gogh and Modigliani. People ask me why I copy other artists and I simply replied “I love their pictures”.


Images here portray suffering of one kind or another: terrorist atrocities and personal grief. Most of these images are real life events, paintings of grief stricken people caught up in war or terror attacks. Some are obviously posed.


I paint every day and enjoy every moment. The shed where I paint (too pretentious to call it a studio) might feel cold and unwelcoming to others but it is my domain and I am comfortable there with the smell of turpentine and paint.


Pictures here have an erotic content, sometimes amusing, sometimes powerful. The bondage pictures reflect the duality of sexual behaviour, the masochist and the sadist in partnership with one another.


These pictures do not necessarily fall into a category. They are examples of anything that has caught my eye, pictures that I have felt compelled to paint.