The Lusty Lovers

THE LOVERS “Get this up your fucking snatch,” — flashes his huge cock, hand gripping the shaft and waggling it from side to side. It was a whopper. At least nine inches and thick. “Tasty, ain’t it Darling…?”

“Oh Mickey, I love it,” his girlfriend said, licking her lips. She lay back on the settee, one leg dangling over the edge, the other bent at the knee and resting against a cushion. Her pink gash opened wide. It was dripping wet. Linda rubbed her fingers along the slit, then arched her back and slid two inside. “Shoot your load on my tits,” she said, breathing heavily. “Then give my juicy fat pussy a right good fucking.”

Mickey stepped towards her, paused and began to vigourously stroke his cock. A bead of sperm oozed from the tip. It glistened like a soft pearl. Suddenly he stiffened, gasped, then grunted as pulses of hot spunk squirted over her tits.

Breathing heavily, Linda said: “Rub it over my nipples. Oh Mickey, rub it over my nipples and then fuck me hard.”

He fell upon her, placing the head of his cock at the opening of her vagina. She arched her back. With a thrust of his hips he drove it in. She took it to the root. Nine delicious inches of hard meat.

They moved rhythmically, frantically. Linda gasped with each penetrating thrust. Moving faster, Mickey’s balls slapped repeatedly against her arse. Thwack, thwack, thwack. Whimpering, she clawed his back.

 He paused, his penis throbbing. Mickey wanted to prolong the act. He wasn’t yet ready to come. Looking into her eyes, he said: “I love you babe.” Then, with a quickening pace he slammed into her. His second orgasm was even more exquisite than the first.

“Oh Mickey, I love you so much …”

Thus they satiated their lust, the besotted pair locked in a torturous embrace.