It was a hot July day in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when 22 year old John P Taylor went on a shooting spree inside his sister’s home where he lived.  Using a semi-automatic rifle, he gunned down his brother, his sister’s fiancé and two family friends.  All four people died.  If you’re going to kill people, that’s the way to do it.  Let’s call it getting the job done right.  No doubt about that.  The victims were watching TV when John appeared, rifle in hand, and with the coolness of a predator mowed them all down.  Why?  He had a hunch the four men were talking about him behind his back and he didn’t like that.  I guess he’s right.  It is rude to talk or gossip about people behind their backs.

Luckily John’s sister was not in the house when the massacre occurred.  Her seven year old daughter, who was upstairs, was not targeted.  Joseph knew who he was angry at.  The four dead bodies were a testimony to that.  Putting down the rifle, he became his usual non-killing self.  Police arrived, arrested him and charged him with four counts of murder. Court appearance will be tomorrow.

But wait … there is a fascinating twist to this story.  Five years ago both of John’s parents were shot to death.  He was seventeen at the time.  With no other suspects, police charged him with their murder.  He stood trial but was acquitted.  What a lovely word “acquitted” is.  So he walked out of the court room, savouring the joy of being a free man — a healthy teenager with his whole life ahead of him.  “Hey man, I’m innocent.  How cool is that?”  His joyous mirth was no-doubt greatly magnified by the fact that in all likelihood he killed both his parents — killed them in cold blood and for no apparent reason.  It was a very satisfactory verdict as far as John was concerned — very satisfactory indeed. 

There must have been something sinister in his psyche — something sinister or a gaping lack of empathy.  Most people know when they have done wrong but every now and again you get some psycho who will snuff you out on a whim.  The ugliness in John’s warped head, which had laid dormant for many years, surfaced once more on that fateful July day in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when he picked up his trusted rifle and slaughtered four more people, including his brother.  Could have been the same gun he used to shoot his parents back in 1992.  Police found the usual Arsenal associated with mass killers: twenty-five assault weapons of various calibres stashed away in his house.  Hey, that sounds typically American.  I guess John was a real gun lover.  Can’t blame him for that.  Guns are truly a thing of beauty.

So let’s recap here.  At the tender age of twenty-two he killed six people in two separate shooting sprees including both his parents, and his older brother.  Is that some kind of record?  Welcome to modern day USA where guns are freely available to any psycho who wants to buy one.